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The Morning Star Team

The Morning Star team has been together for many years. They all work from the premise of Student First and work together to ensure that your lessons are consistent and continually build upon previous lessons.  Each instructor brings their own experience and skills so that you learn in the manner that best suits your style.


Rheannen, Deborah's daughter, rides High Socyety. This beautiful mare was breed, trained and raised by Deborah. She is an Anglo Arabian sired by Out of Cyte.

Deborah Nelson


Deborah Nelson has been a professional rider and trainer for over 30 years. She has coached and trained numerous Regional and National Champions in several disciplines including Dressage, Sport Horse in Hand, Showmanship, Equitation and Pleasure in both Hunt Seat and Western and just recently, in western Dressage.

Deborah's true love is sharing and teaching riders the love of horses. the joy of watching riders develop communication and skills of becoming one with their equine partners.

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Deb Nelson.JPG

Whether it is for the pleasure of recreational riding or heading to the show ring, she teaches the same skills. She believes that the skills you learn working with horses provides a forum to teach life skills that are carried outside the barn.

Deborah brings energy, organization and genuine care for each rider and horse that is truly contagious!

She loves sharing her skills with all ages and abilities and creates a community of students that are warm and willing to help each other and are very welcoming to everyone that comes into her school.

Melissa Secord


Melissa has been teaching at Morning Star Farm for nearly two decades. Melissa specializes in starting new riders, training young riders as well as working with students with special needs.  When you train with Melissa you will always have the best equitation possible.

Chelsea Greer

Chelsea has been a part of the Morning Star Family for four years. Chelsea is everywhere helping students as well as being Deborah's right hand. Chelsea is always happy to pitch in at the barn and the shows from clipping, braiding, assisting students with their tack and cheering everyone on in their tests.

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