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Morning Star Services

Morning Star Farm offers many services beyond the lessons.  In each area, we focus on helping our customers get the attention and knowledge they need to be as successful as possible.

Our services include:

  • Riding Lessons

  • Competition Training and Coaching

  • Show Day Coaching

  • Horse Purchase Advisement

"My wife and I have been training with Deborah and her team for over a decade. From our first time riding to owning our own horses, we have enjoyed it all!" - Dave St. and his horse Ben
Riding Lessons


Every skill level, age 5-100+, our instructors will tailor the training to your individual needs. From one lesson a week to multiple, we can help you accomplish your goals. Our lessons are fun, engaging, definitely challenging and are very therapeutic. You don't have to be an athlete to ride and a number of folks with limitations have found  riding lessons to be helpful in improving their health.

All of our lessons are grounded in safety so we can ensure that both rider and horse are happy and healthy and confident in what they do.

As part of the Morning Star Farm family, you'll get to know all the other students and can help and receive encouragement from each other. The more advanced students work hard to help the newer students feel confident as they gain new skills.

Competition Training & Coaching


While showing horses is definitely not a requirement at our barn, Morning Star Farm students have gone on to win many regional and national competitions and a large number enjoy competing at the local schooling shows.


We will work with you to determine which levels are a match for your skills and will help you train so that you can enter your competitions with the confidence and talents to be successful.


Competitions give you a target to work for, and bring you together with other students to work towards a common goal. The competitions are fun and a great way to meet many other riders who are just as excited about horses as you are.

Show Day Coaching


The day of your show is a busy one. Deborah's onsite training will help ensure that you are prepped and ready for your show. In competitions where you are allowed a caller, having Deborah in the arena with you calling your moves brings a comforting familiar voice helping you be your best to each event.

Show Day Coaching is not just about your specific ride. From the minute you arrive at the show to the time you leave we help ensure you have completed your grooming and braiding, have tacked up properly and that you are able to meet your horse's care needs throughout the show.

All Morning Star Farm students work as a team at the show making the event a fun and supportive time for all!

Horse Sales & Purchase Support (and Leasing Too!)


The natural first step in horse ownership is to participate in a partial or full lease. Leasing gives you dedicated access to a single horse outside of your lesson times. (Note: Leases are for active students only)

So you've decided to step into horse ownership. Whether it is through a lease or a full purchase, Deborah will help you understand the best characteristics to look for so you find the right match. She can also help inspect prospective horses so that you have the best information at hand to make sure you find the horse that will soon become part of your family.

Finding the resources you need from transporting your horse to meeting the right Equine Vet, Deborah's extensive knowledge and network help make your transition into horse ownership as smooth as possible.

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